Ampbar API Documentation

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Ampbar is a full-service platform with the capabilities to enable total management of the supplier relationship between a Law Firm (Solicitors) and Counsel.

The main purpose of this documentation is to outline the steps needed for a Law Firm to start integrating its systems with the Ampbar platform. Through the Ampbar APIs, a Law Firm has the necessary level of control and access to programmatically connect an external data source (e.g. a case management software) to the Ampbar platform, to directly write and read its data.

The goal is for the Law Firm to be able to onboard Cases in a seamless and frictionless manner i.e. to reduce the administration and rekeying of common cases and documentation information between the two respective systems. After the initial setup (e.g. setting up the associated Law Firm and its Branches, Fee Earner Users and Lay Clients), all cases' details can be input and distributed to Counsel using the APIs.

This documentation assumes that the user who is the designated technical administrator for the Law Firm, has received the pre-requisite credentials associated to their account to peruse and interact with the Swagger API tooling environment. If you require access to an API key, please contact us.

Once you have received your credentials, you can start testing your code using the Sandbox testing environment.